The Coming POLE SHIFT in 2012: An interview for Survival & Signs with Howard Stein If Humanity KNEW what was to come, how would we react? What if it turned out to be a catastrophic event such as Polar Shift? Would you quit your job? Would you panic and close all your bank accounts? What would you do if you suddenly discovered evidence to support that the Mayan and Hopi Prophecies were correct? We set out to look at the evidence. Welcome our guest today Howard Stein. About Mr. Howard Stein The last time Howard came on our show, he blew up the airwaves and that radio show is still going viral, so to speak. Howard returns to The Truth Denied Talk Radio to update us on the end of the Mayan Calendar , The coming Polar Shift, and why he feels that the US Military is Gearing up for something, and the possibility of a coming Polar Shift. Howard is a VP and DJ at • How does Howard know about the possibility of a coming Pole Shift? "Take the time to do your homework, and surely you will have some answers to prepare yourselves for the inevitable." • Is the world really going to end on December 21, 2012? Howard has studied the signs for quite sometime, although he does make it clear when he states "I hope that I am wrong!" Again do your homework! Howard warned the public not to buy into the thousands of dollars' worth of junk sold on the internet to help you to prepare for the coming months. He willingly provided the following: • Howard Stein's " Prepper" list looks something like this: *THIS LIST IS PER PERSON* FOOD <b>…</b>