Is it safe to use baby wipes on your vagina?

78sarcastic Asked: Is it safe to use baby wipes on your vagina?

So firstly I havedon't and have never had a yeast infection and definitely don't want one anytime soon but lately my vagina has been very sweaty. Like you know how we sweat under our arms except my vagina. So it's been bothering my a lot so I bought some unscented baby wipes and some Johnson's pure cornstarch baby powder. So I wipe the sides of my vagina I never put anything inside I know that it is already self cleaning so I just wipe the sides close to my thighs and then afterwards I use baby powder and put that on the same spots and so far it has been working but I just want to know if there are any risks to doing that?


Megara Answered:
Your ******** has seen a baby wipe before. It's just been a while. I don't see what harm it could do.

Britt Answered:
That is totally fine as long as you don't put anything directly into your vagina.

Carebear Answered:
No there's not risks as long as fit doesn't start to irritate you or go inside. I hope I helped.

Slick Korea Answered:
maybe you should shave it?
are you being sarcastic? icon wink Is it safe to use baby wipes on your vagina?

Joseph the Second Answered:
-Well they ARE supposed to be "Sanitary"- after all… -So why not ?!:)

I'm assuming it's safe since baby wipes are used on female babies.

However, if you could find another way to deal with the situation, it would probably be better not to keep using chemicals on that area. Have you tried wearing a panty liner to help absorb some of the moisture?

Jocelin Answered:
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Cake Answered:
There are no risks. I use them in the morning before I leave from home and they haven't hurt me or caused something weird at all. Also they are made for babies so they don't have any harsh chemicals that could possibly hurt your skin.

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